Bondage Harness is a relatively new company started by myself, which makes bondage restraints, kinky, fetish and BDSM items. I couldn’t find the type of bondage restraints that I wanted anywhere on The Internet, so I decided to buy a sewing machine and start making my own. Initially these were very poor, as I had never used a sewing machine in my life. After a while my creations improved and I started to take pride in my handy work. I thought to myself  ‘I bet people would buy these’, so I started to sell them on Ebay. To date I have not had a single complaint or any of my items returned to me.

All of our bondage restraints are made from 50mm wide webbing (very much like seat belt material) which makes them very secure yet very soft on the wrists and ankles, more so than leather restraints. All of my harnesses are hand made and to specification. You can feedback to me how you want the harness made, choose your own size and modify the design of each one to suit your own needs. I also make them in a range of colours to add a bit of style. If you want I can make an original harness to suit your own requirements.

The bondage restraints have the added bonus of being made entirely of synthetic materials, so if you have issues using leather restraints, then these are the perfect substitute. The polyamide webbing is hard wearing, very tough and will last a long time.

Through out the manufacturing process, all of our harnesses are checked for any flaws and any substandard materials are discarded. This ensures that your harness reaches you in perfect condition and you will be satisfied with the results. All joints are box stitched to ensure that they are secure and will survive the test of time and rough treatment.

My creations include a full body harness, bed harness, bed restraints, arm restraints, soft hand cuffs, wrist to thigh restraints, hospital restraints, bondage harness, bondage restraints, medical restraints, bondage straps, locking belts and wrist restraints.